Our Vision

To develop a family business in the agricultural service industry based on honesty and reliability.
Remaining viable and sustainable, whilst maintaining client satisfaction.




Dennis Trading Pty Ltd, has been in operation for over 30 years since 1978, from our depot situated at 119 Old Narrandera Rd, Wagga Wagga. As a family business it has grown in small incremental steps over this time, from operating with one prime mover and driver to 12 prime movers operating today. This has been achievable due to family working together and to Rodney Dennis´ continual hard work and dedication to excellent customer service and satisfaction. As a result the business has grown to the success it has today.

Dennis Trading's principal business activities include bulk purchase, storage and sale of various course grains including wheat, barley, pulses, bulk fertiliser, lime and gypsum. The business also provides bulk haulage of grain, hay, fertiliser and milk. The location of the depot is crucial to the type of business operated, allowing easy access to the farming sector for delivery and outturn of bulk products.

The business is always conducting environmental scans for potential market opportunities in the agricultural sector in order to establish a secure framework for growth and sustainability. The management team believes the business has the potential to grow, as demand for food increases both domestically and globally.





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